I am running for United States Congress In Florida’s 23rd District because I love President Trump, I love our country, the greatest country in the world The United States of America, and I love our great American people, and I want to help President Trump Make America Great Again, Keep America Great and Save America!

               ABOUT GARY BARVE

Dear American Patriot, 

My name is Gary Barve. I was born in Summit, NJ in 1984.

I would have loved to grow up in our great United States of America, but my family relocated to India when I was about four and a half years old. As soon as I completed my undergrad, I relocated back home to the United States of America, and lived in Massachusetts for a little less than two years. I then relocated to Dallas, TX, before moving to Santa Clara, CA.  

While in Dallas, TX, tragedy struck my life. I was diagnosed with a clinical depression related illness. I struggled and battled with the depression related illness for many years. This battle for my life has taught me a valuable lesson: Never ever give up and always keep fighting for our country, irrespective of the opposition and irrespective of the odds against us. I am happy to mention that I have now made a complete recovery from my clinical depression related illness and take no treatment.  

In Santa Clara, CA, I ran for City Council in Santa Clara’s very liberal 6th District in the 2020 General Election as a huge supporter of our President Donald J. Trump, and had a great result. Our campaign received about 23% of the vote in a 3-person race, and there were only about 17% Republicans in the district. So we pulled hundred’s of votes from personnel from other political parties.  

After receiving the election result, I applied to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and was granted admission to their Masters Program. I love the fact that Liberty University is a Christian University, and I got baptized at Thomas Road Baptist Church. While I did not graduate from Liberty University, I completed one course there and studied from a few more courses.

I relocated to Florida with the hope of getting the opportunity to work for President Trump’s campaign. However, I decided to run for United States Congress in Florida’s 23rd District as my way to serve the American people and to serve President Trump’s America First agenda.

With your blessings, encouragement, support and vote, I look forward to winning against the opposition in the primary election, and then defeating democrat Moskowitz in the General Election on November 5th 2024 to help President Trump Make America Great Again!

In Christ,

Gary Barve


On August 20th 2024, Vote For Gary Barve In The Republican Primary Election